Allergies to Note When Traveling to Florida


Beautiful plants, sunny weather, and warm temperatures are part of the usual life in Florida. There is no need for us to worry about ice or snow storms in winter or even droughts in summer like other places in the US. We consider ourselves lucky because we experience almost a perennially good weather. However, there is a downside to the climate we have. Allergies and mold are something most Floridians endure all through the year.

In other regions in the US, allergy seasons are experienced during the summer and spring. Spring is often the worst because most plants are blooming. With the long summers and warm weather in Florida, flowers tend to bloom longer while producing pollen. The allergy season sometimes may last into fall!

Here are top allergies you need to know about before visiting us in Florida and how you can lessen the symptoms:


Pollen is more common of all summer allergens, and it affects many people. With most plants in full bloom, allergy sufferers struggle because the pollen count is a burden. Also, even when plants are not in full bloom, it’s not easy to avoid being outdoors. This also leads to an increased allergen reaction. To reduce the pollen allergies effects during summer, it is recommended to wear a wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses. This will help in preventing the powder from getting into the eyes and on the face.


During the warm weather, more insects are out there admiring the gardens. An insect can easily sting you if you happen to be near them. Such stings are renowned allergy triggers and can cause a severe reaction called anaphylaxis. To protect yourself from insect stings, consider wearing a non-scented bug spray. Anything that has a sweet smell and brightly colored or floral clothes should be avoided too.


Humid summer air is the ideal mold breeding ground. One of the common types of mold is Alternaria, which tends to be at peak during summer. This mold can trigger asthma, including allergies. People with mold allergies need to wear masks, especially if working in the yard. This helps to get rid of the dampness or moisture indoors. Humidifiers can also be used. There are air quality testers in Florida that specialize inĀ finding mold, if you are staying with relatives who you think may have mold in their home, it may be beneficial to suggest to them to get their home tested.

Seasonal fruit

Food allergies happen anytime during the year. But, those who experience pollen allergies can also suffer from cross-reactions to fruits they consume. This may include foods like apples, melons, and celery. It’s safer to avoid any foods that may cause allergies.


It is important to wear sunscreen so as to prevent the harmful UV rays from harming the skin. But, some people tend to be allergic to certain ingredients used in making such sunscreens. To be safe, avoid using lotions that have parabens (preservative chemicals used in the lotions) or scented lotions.

With proper care and precaution, it’s possible to minimize some of the discomforts that are brought about by allergies. Be sure to visit a medical clinic if the symptoms persist. The doctors here are experienced and will assist you to find the perfect treatment plan.

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