Can’t time travel? How about a timeshare?

Think timeshares have died? Think again. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time at a timeshare in Williamsburg, Virginia and I was reminded of the many amenities offered at these overlooked gems. Founded in 1969, timeshares were the answer to the middle class’s penchant for the finer things. Without having to invest the time and money into a vacation home at one particular place, couples and families could become owners while sharing the financial burden with joint owners.

For a nominal fee, owners can travel near and far and experiences many comforts not found at traditional hotels. Condos, villas, cabins, and even yurts now grace the grounds of timeshares both domestically, but also outside of the United States in many countries and islands.
Depending on the investment, the traveler can experience their timeshare a couple times a year, or like a gentleman I met during my travels to Williamsburg, owners can travel many times throughout the year. While I was there for a long weekend to get away, he and his wife were spending the week at the resort and planned to return in a couple of weeks to share in the holiday festivities en route to Deleware where, you guessed it, they planned to stay at another location within their timeshare company. For those who have not experienced the unique treasure of a timeshare, there are many distinctions bestowed upon the timeshare traveler.

To satiate the adventurer, some timeshares offer indoor and outdoor pools, zip lines, horseback riding, and likes. Athletes will often find tennis and basketball courts, golf courses, and running paths. Outdoorsy types will benefit from the atmospheres found at timeshares which generally take up acres instead of city blocks and offer waterfront views or nature hikes. Children and adults can both enjoy the full activity calendar handed out at check-in. Activities range from letters to soldiers to dance classes, to synchronized swimming. While some independent hotels may offer the standard comforts, the benefit of a timeshare is that in order to stay competitive, these companies must offer all of these and more, depending on the locale and the market in which they serve.

For young adults, seniors, couples, and singles alike, timeshares are a great opportunity to invest in the present and future. Because programs are based on a myriad of factors, timeshares offer even the most budget conscience person the rare opportunity to vacation with ownership and build cash value.

So if you think you are ready to consider the benefits of ownership within a timeshare you need not look far. Many companies are happy to compensate you for the time it takes to show you all a property has to offer. Cruises, gift cards for large cash amounts, three and four-night stays, and tickets to local attractions are just some of the bounty you may share for a couple of hours with a salesman. While there isn’t much to be said for sitting through a lengthy sales pitch, it doesn’t hurt to watch videos and see pictures of the beautiful properties that await you, and it doesn’t take much to become an owner of this fine opportunity.


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