Allergies to Note When Traveling to Florida

  • By Chris Dunn
  • January 14, 2017
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Beautiful plants, sunny weather, and warm temperatures are part of the usual life in Florida. There is no need for us to worry about ice or snow storms in winter or even droughts in summer like other places in the US. We consider ourselves lucky because we experience almost a perennially good weather. However, there is a downside to the climate we have. Allergies and mold are something most Floridians endure all through the year.

In other regions in the US, allergy seasons are experienced during the summer and spring. Spring is often the worst because most plants are blooming. With the long summers and warm weather in Florida, flowers tend to bloom longer while producing pollen. The allergy season sometimes may last into fall!

Here are top allergies you need to know about before visiting us in Florida and how you can lessen the symptoms:


Pollen is more common of all summer allergens, and it affects many people. With most plants in full bloom, allergy sufferers struggle because the pollen count is a burden. Also, even when plants are not in full bloom, it’s not easy to avoid being outdoors. This also leads to an increased allergen reaction. To reduce the pollen allergies effects during summer, it is recommended to wear a wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses. This will help in preventing the powder from getting into the eyes and on the face.


During the warm weather, more insects are out there admiring the gardens. An insect can easily sting you if you happen to be near them. Such stings are renowned allergy triggers and can cause a severe reaction called anaphylaxis. To protect yourself from insect stings, consider wearing a non-scented bug spray. Anything that has a sweet smell and brightly colored or floral clothes should be avoided too.


Humid summer air is the ideal mold breeding ground. One of the common types of mold is Alternaria, which tends to be at peak during summer. This mold can trigger asthma, including allergies. People with mold allergies need to wear masks, especially if working in the yard. This helps to get rid of the dampness or moisture indoors. Humidifiers can also be used. There are air quality testers in Florida that specialize in finding mold, if you are staying with relatives who you think may have mold in their home, it may be beneficial to suggest to them to get their home tested.

Seasonal fruit

Food allergies happen anytime during the year. But, those who experience pollen allergies can also suffer from cross-reactions to fruits they consume. This may include foods like apples, melons, and celery. It’s safer to avoid any foods that may cause allergies.


It is important to wear sunscreen so as to prevent the harmful UV rays from harming the skin. But, some people tend to be allergic to certain ingredients used in making such sunscreens. To be safe, avoid using lotions that have parabens (preservative chemicals used in the lotions) or scented lotions.

With proper care and precaution, it’s possible to minimize some of the discomforts that are brought about by allergies. Be sure to visit a medical clinic if the symptoms persist. The doctors here are experienced and will assist you to find the perfect treatment plan.


Can’t time travel? How about a timeshare?

Think timeshares have died? Think again. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time at a timeshare in Williamsburg, Virginia and I was reminded of the many amenities offered at these overlooked gems. Founded in 1969, timeshares were the answer to the middle class’s penchant for the finer things. Without having to invest the time and money into a vacation home at one particular place, couples and families could become owners while sharing the financial burden with joint owners.

For a nominal fee, owners can travel near and far and experiences many comforts not found at traditional hotels. Condos, villas, cabins, and even yurts now grace the grounds of timeshares both domestically, but also outside of the United States in many countries and islands.
Depending on the investment, the traveler can experience their timeshare a couple times a year, or like a gentleman I met during my travels to Williamsburg, owners can travel many times throughout the year. While I was there for a long weekend to get away, he and his wife were spending the week at the resort and planned to return in a couple of weeks to share in the holiday festivities en route to Deleware where, you guessed it, they planned to stay at another location within their timeshare company. For those who have not experienced the unique treasure of a timeshare, there are many distinctions bestowed upon the timeshare traveler.

To satiate the adventurer, some timeshares offer indoor and outdoor pools, zip lines, horseback riding, and likes. Athletes will often find tennis and basketball courts, golf courses, and running paths. Outdoorsy types will benefit from the atmospheres found at timeshares which generally take up acres instead of city blocks and offer waterfront views or nature hikes. Children and adults can both enjoy the full activity calendar handed out at check-in. Activities range from letters to soldiers to dance classes, to synchronized swimming. While some independent hotels may offer the standard comforts, the benefit of a timeshare is that in order to stay competitive, these companies must offer all of these and more, depending on the locale and the market in which they serve.

For young adults, seniors, couples, and singles alike, timeshares are a great opportunity to invest in the present and future. Because programs are based on a myriad of factors, timeshares offer even the most budget conscience person the rare opportunity to vacation with ownership and build cash value.

So if you think you are ready to consider the benefits of ownership within a timeshare you need not look far. Many companies are happy to compensate you for the time it takes to show you all a property has to offer. Cruises, gift cards for large cash amounts, three and four-night stays, and tickets to local attractions are just some of the bounty you may share for a couple of hours with a salesman. While there isn’t much to be said for sitting through a lengthy sales pitch, it doesn’t hurt to watch videos and see pictures of the beautiful properties that await you, and it doesn’t take much to become an owner of this fine opportunity.


Traveling to Florida for the Winter? Watch Out for Traffic.

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  • January 26, 2016
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Travel Season

Florida is one of the most popular travel destinations for the winter season. With multiple theme parks, hundreds of beaches and sun shinning weather, no wonder. When traffic increases, so do accidents. Make sure you have your bases covered, and get a lawyer after filing an accident with the police, especially if you’re involved in a hit-and-run.


Following the increase in fatalities in hit and run accidents, the Florida government has taken steps to increase the penalties faced by drivers of hit and run accidents. The department of highway safety and motor vehicles also provides information for people involved in hit and run accidents on its website  The website also details the penalties faced by drivers who flee the scene of a crash which vary according to the degree of damage (from minor property damage to death). The penalties include:

1. Revoked license
2. Minimum imprisonment of 4 years in case of a resulting death
3. Minimum imprisonment of 2-4 years in a DUI case resulting in death

The information in this article will guide on what to do if you are involved in a hit and run accident which is defined as an accident in which the driver of the vehicle leaves the scene of the accident without providing contact information. The accident may involve personal or property damage, meaning a hit and run accident covers both a person who has been hit by a car and a vehicle that has been damaged by another vehicle.
Leaving the scene of the accident is seen to be an admission of fault (most of us already know this, having watched enough crime series on TV). Nevertheless, people continue to run away for many reasons: they may be drunk, they may not have a license, they may be driving someone else’s car without permission. The important thing to remember is that the exists to protect everyone and the determination of who is the victim should be left to the courts. Florida follows comparative rules for personal injury cases. This means that damages are awarded according to the percentage of fault determined for both parties involved in the accident. To put it simply, even if you are at fault, facts that arise after an investigation may reveal that the other party was also partly negligent.

Proceeding Steps Before Heading Home

Victims of hit and run accidents should above all remain calm and rational, however difficult this may seem to begin with.

1. DO NOT choose to run after the other vehicle. You will have better chances of helping the police catch the driver by trying to remember and note down information.
2. Notify the authorities and your insurance company.
3. If possible, note down the registration number of the vehicle, along with any details regarding make, model and color.
4. List down a description of the driver. This is best done as early as possible while the incident is still fresh in your mind.
5. Request witnesses for information and keep their contact information for the police.
6. Make a sketch of the scene of the accident that shows the relative positions of the vehicles and people involved (including witnesses).
7. Take pictures of the accident scene and especially of damages. If you are personally injured, request someone around you to take pictures. This not only helps you in case of legal action, it also helps you to claim damages from your insurance company.

How to get Last Minute Travel Tickets?

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  • December 30, 2015
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It is difficult to find last minute travel tickets. The travellers will take lot of effort to find out where to get and how to get their tickets. It is simple in the present internet age. You have to type in the Google and connect with the smart travel agencies. They will help you in planning from reservation to transportation in quick time. Most people will think that the cost should be expensive as they are booking tickets at the last minute. It is necessary to check the deals and find out whether it is suitable for your budget. There is no need to worry about price since there are several travel agencies and you can choose the one who is willing to provide travel tickets at your price and as per your requirement.

The last minute travel package should be used on the date of purchase or at least within two weeks. You can find last travel deals in various areas. It is easily provided by the car rental companies, hotels, vacation packages and airfare agencies. At times, you will get event tickets at last minute. You may have not even planned for the event but you will get event tickets at cheap price. Do you wish to miss such deals? It is worth to purchase such last minute tickets. It is mostly launched or released by the travel agencies or airfare companies. They would wish to fill their seats and distribute tickets at the last minute for cheap price. If you have come across about the ticket, then consider yourself lucky to grab the ticket.

It is simple to get last minute tickets using the internet. Some websites are dedicated in announcing about last minute deals and travel packages. When you search and refine the results, you will come across several travel plans that you may not know. There are more than forty million search results you can easily come across in the internet. Most travel companies update their deal in the website and share the URL to potential customers.